rane air adult air rifles

.                                     .22  winchester  850  (hatsan)

.         daisy and wichester began importing some of the hatsan products around the time webley contracted with hatsan.    i still wonder if the daisy powerline 1000 is the most powerful thing daisy ever had it's name on (maybe daisy's gotten into pcp by now).    hatsan was still rapidly changing production designs back then, and that discouraged any aftermarket parts or tuning.   the winchester 850x was a gem from turkey.  they are more affordable used, as they were a little pricey brand new.     i have 3 in .22 caliber and they generally shoot 19-20 ftlbs (i seem to remember this gun only in .22).   they are a robost airgun.  not terribly heavy, but it reminded me of a turkish r-1.     this was the first i had seen of the quattro trigger here in the states.      ...

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