rane air adult air rifles

.                  .25 caliber  webley  tomahawk  walnut  -  uk-made  

..       i wish these photos could do this air rifle more justice.   this was a very beautiful piece.   is was fun to shoot, but these things are so rare and expensive that i had trouble really enjoying it.   it shot low when i got it, but i had already learned that turkish tomahawk springs work very well in uk tomahawks.   i was able to produce 650 fps w/ ftt's with a comfortable shot cycle.   this one looks have to have a paul watts style of barrel, but that was never confirmed.   i would like to state that this lighter barrel made the gun much easier to aim and shoot and prodived more balance - in my opinion.     of all three caliber of uk made tomahawks that i have had, i found that the .177 was best.   the .177 version shot the smoothest while producing a near constant 1009 fps with crosman premier light pellets - and that was a purely stock, never taken apart, air rifle after years of shooting.   while the .22 version of uk tomahawk produces the most power in footpounds, it has a rougher firing cylce than even the .25 cal version - and it was loud.  the uk tomahawk is my favorite webley model, but i like to hunt.  they have referred to this one as the 'baby patriot'.   if it weren't for the 18-21 ftlb range that is most comfortable for me to use in the field, i would proclaim the uk made longbow as the best webley.    especially in .177, the longbow packs a lot of power for such a light, easy to wield rifle with super short cocking stroke.                                            - rane on.      - 11-4-13...........                    .177  turkisk  tomahawk.   this is the first generation of tomahawk produced in turkey at the hatsan plant. the triggers were crude, but the current version, the tomahawk II, has the much better quattro trigger.   these older turkish versions responded well to tuning, but they needed tight quality control.   i had a chance to meet the previous owner of webley, rodger williams, and he explained that he basically had to go to turkey and teach them quality control.  webley airguns has struggled since allowing these turkish made airguns to be assumed as the same price and quality that came from birmingham, uk.   the newer tomahawk quattro II, has much more capacity to be be compared with the english-made and crafted tomys.    if you have one, i would love to hear about it.  please email me.  i suspect that these new versions have much more potential after tuning.   the several that i had the golden opportunity to go through were produced in quantity rather than quality.   most just needed an airgunsmith, such as myself, to completely go through the gun in a craft-like manner.   - raneman.   7-2014. .....  tomahawk.