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.    i've been tuning the walther falcon hunters and walther talon magnums.   tune cost $100.    this is a hatsan model 125 to the rest of the world.        i'm also tuning webley jaguars - they're like a smaller version of the magnums.  i charge about $75 for a smooth jag tune, or a daisy powerline 1000/winchester 1000 (turkish-made).   i have started tuning the winchester 1100 xsu's (hatsan model 100 - newer version) and the webley domin8tors (hatsan 155 torpedo).   $75-85 for underlever tunes.    email me for details.                                          

.                   hatsan 125 (WFH/WTM)                    .       

.     here's the rundown on the walther talon mag and falcon hunter tunes :    i fill the stock w/ recoil asborbing gel .   i tune the triggers and make them lighter and have much less side-to-side movement .   i remove all parts and deburr them and clean them .   if the piston seal needs replacement, i install a j.macarri red seal into it (sometimes there are metal shavings embedded into the plastic and rubber parts and it lessens the performance) .  after giving each part special care and attention, i re-install them with moly and tar and clear lube .  i make sure the barrel block is snug but easily movable .  they generally shoot 925 fps with 14.5 grain rws superpoints and are far easier to shoot and cock .   you'll have much better results with your optics, also .  i know you'll look at the overall velocity and shriek back......i did all of that, too ( i am still hell bent for velocity ).     but the truth in my personal experience is that most calibers and pellets perform best from springers in the 800-950 range .   even the "airgun holy of holies", the jerry whitscombe JW80, is rated at 940 fps in .22 and the bluebook indicates 28 footpounds .   the walther talon magnums and walther falcon hunters have enough power that i can afford to loose some velocity - especially if it helps me get better groups out to 50-60 yards .    i do the same process to the .25 calibers, but they generally gain about 20 fps .    most shoot 795-810 w/ 20 grain FTT's .        update - feb 2015 - as of this date, the most powerful airgun i own is a benjamin trail np2 that took some time to tune and break in.  it now shoots a consistent and accurate 825 fps with crosman premier hp's.  most all of my few airguns shoot around 850 fps - in all 3 conservative airgun calibers : .177, .20 , and .22.  the 850 fps range seems to be a sweet spot for accuarcy, shot-cycle, and over-all airgun fun.    - raneman.

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.   i was proud of my latest collection - a season's worth of pellet cans.   they are just too cool to throw away, but i can't find any use for them.   if anyone wants them, i'll ship them to you.   they're just too cool to throw out.       --- shipped out to a pellet tin collector on 3-25-11. .  . .