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       these are some really neat airguns that i have experienced in my airgun hobby.   i wanted to make more details available to the ag enthusiasts abroad, as i was very fortunate to have opportunities such as these.  please enjoy.       - rane air. 

.                             .177  webley  longbow

.      it's my opinion that the webley longbow is their best springer.   it is awesome the amount of power that is yielded from from a small chamber area and cocking stroke.  minimal effort easily produces almost 850 fps with an 8 grain pellet.   the gun is well balanced and almost carbine-like in proportion and very easy to handle and shoot.  these are photos of the lesser turkish version before the quattro-style triggers were added later.   yet, even these versions were very accurate.   the uk versions had my favorite of all spring/piston air rifle triggers, the classic uk longbow/tomahawk trigger package which were a greyish metallic.  it took much experience with airguns to truly appreciate the 12 ftlb school of thought, but after realizing that much adult airgunning occurs in the size of an average backyard (25-35 yards of range), this power limitation seems perfect to me now.   with .177 caliber, there is far less chance that a pellet could cause broken windows or property damage if indeed the pellet flies through the target or pest.  it was a fine privilege to have been able to handle, shoot, and own  so many different webley airguns.  the gold triggered versions of the the longbow and stingrays were fitted with lothar walther barrels and had fine wood stocks.   the triggers were a die-cast type of metal and were easily modfied to suit most shooters.  - rane on.   4-14-14..... ..

.                                    .177  beeman  r-11   


.                                crosman  2400kt  custom carbine

.    here is an excellent value.   i ordered a few of these co2 carbines from the crosman custom shoppe.  i preferred the .22 18" barrel, or the 18".177.   as shown below fresh out of the box, it ran about$100 shipped.  i could tinker with the 12 gram co2 powerlet arrangement to get an even 600 fps with 18" .22 barrel using crosman premiers or rws superpoints (they chrono the same from most airguns).   about 670 fps w/  18 inch .177 barrel.   what makes these an exceptional value is the steel breech.  same as discovery breech.   i would take the tube from a 2260 and put discovery valve and air intake into the 2260 tube, making a pcp carbine that would generally yield almost 800 fps w/ .22 pellets mentioned above.   i called them the 2400pcpx and they got around 18 shots per fill.   i filled them only to 1900psi w/ the benjamin hand/foot pump, which only took around 40 pumps to refill.   the result was a stealthy, 20 ftlb hunting carbine that weighed around 4lbs scoped.   but even if you leave it stock, these things are awesome.   the plastic breech version was called the 2250 rat katcher and generally shot around 540 fps w/ the 14.5 grain pellets in .22.     these were the value per airgun dollar by which i measured other airguns against.    the crosman 2400kt and the diana 34 set the standard for value of airgun dollar spent.  - raneman.   - 11-17-13. .....

.                               .177  cometa  400  compact  walnut

.      the cometa 400 is one of my all-time favorite airguns.    it was first brought to us from spain via rws and called the model 94.   the model 94's were better built, but most all brands built better back then.   i got this one from mark burton and he had a little trouble with accuracy.  the silencer was a tad loose and was hard to fasten securely, so i just put this aluminum muzzlebreak onto it.   i put the walnut stock on it later, after getting it settled in.   these guns are incredibly powerful and easy to cock.  they are lightweight and the trigger is only very slightly less than a diana t-01 type trigger.   cometa makes very good and accurate barrels.  this particular specimen settled in at 975 fps w/ 8 grain crosman premier hollow points after i tuned it, which is slightly more than i could get from the full length barreled .177 cometas i had (generally 960 fps w/ 8 gr premiers).   who ever designed these cometa 400 (or rws model 94) air rifles should be awarded the nobel prize of airguns.    these air rifles are my favorite springers to hunt with.   my .22 rws model 94 shoots 770 fps w/ 15.5 grain napier domes and weighs 7.5 lbs scoped.    the .25 caliber cometa 400's are awesome too.  i was only able to get 650 fps with 20 grain ftt's, but that is far better than i could get from the .25uk tomahawk and the cometa was lighter and more user-friendly.   i had heard it expressed before from a business-man retiree, ray moody, that rws probably dropped these because they competed too heavily with the diana 34's.    these are outstanding air rifles - the cometa 400.          even the ultra-light fusion versions produce around 760 fps w/ 14.5 grainers in .22.    of the spainish airguns (norica, gamo, and cometa), cometas are the best by far.     and i found that one should stick with a regular weight of pellets.   the premier lights were fine, but i usually used 9 grains.   the tube diameter is small but the cometa 400 has the most power and velocity for this weight/ size class.    the spring is smaller and cant seem to endure pellet/weight changes as well as a diana 34.             .        - raneman.            - 11-13-13.  

.                           .177  beeman  webley  vulcan

.      this was a fine lighter power gun except for the trigger package, which was gradually changed as webley produced the vulcan II and vulcan III (which had the stingray-type trigger which was adjustable from atop the tube w/in the scope rail).    i recall there being some added vaule to this particular rifle because it stamped 'beeman webley'.   most other webleys are either stamped beeman (who imported them into the u.s.) or webley (one of the oldest names in guns and like benjamin, has produced airguns since 1909).     - 11-12-13. .......

.                            .25  cal   webley  tomahawk  (uk)  walnut

.       i wish these photos could do this air rifle more justice.   this was a very beautiful piece.   is was fun to shoot, but these things are so rare and expensive that i had trouble really enjoying it.   it shot low when i got it, but i had already learned that turkish tomahawk springs work very well in uk tomahawks.   i was able to produce 650 fps w/ ftt's with a comfortable shot cycle.   this one looks have to have a paul watts style of barrel, but that was never confirmed.   i would like to state that this lighter barrel made the gun much easier to aim and shoot and prodived more balance - in my opinion.     of all three caliber of uk made tomahawks that i have had, i found that the .177 was best.   the .177 version shot the smoothest while producing a near constant 1009 fps with crosman premier light pellets - and that was a purely stock, never taken apart, air rifle after years of shooting.   while the .22 version of uk tomahawk produces the most power in footpounds, it has a rougher firing cylce than even the .25 cal version - and it was loud.  the uk tomahawk is my favorite webley model, but i like to hunt.  they have referred to this one as the 'baby patriot'.   if it weren't for the 18-21 ftlb range that is most comfortable for me to use in the field, i would proclaim the uk made longbow as the best webley.    especially in .177, the longbow packs a lot of power for such a light, easy to wield rifle with super short cocking stroke.     - rane on.   11-4-13........

.                                      .22  diana  model  46

.    these were interesting underlevers.  super long scope rail - i never understood that.   it was also much more under-powered than i had expected.   i believe around 640 fps w/ superpoints.   the loading port was more comfortable for me than the model 460, but i think power was lost here.  it was easy to shoot and accurate.  it remains a more desireable diana even today.     - 11-03-13.  ......  .         this is a near extinct red wolf.    they were more common in east texas than here.   ft.woth zoo.

.                                     .22  diana  (rws)  model  38

.              of interesting mention is the diana 38.   this probably the most rare version of the model 34.   in the mid to early 80's, when dianawerk first released this family of sporters, models 24, 34, 36, and 38 were offered here in the u.s.    i bought a .177 model 36  from cabelas shipped for $129.   i could have paid $139 for this luxury model, which had this beefier walnut stock.   this particular model 38 was left in a soft gun case and the roof leaked onto it, rusting the barrel and tube on the outside.   it probably had less than a can of pellets through it when i got it and was shooting 680 fps w/ superpoints.   it had a very comfortable shot cycle and the beefier stock really helps that.     i was able to get more velocity w/out making the shot cycle harsh.    i once saw a carbine version of this gun in great shape go for a hefty sum on gunbroker.com .     i had intentions of refinishing this one, but never got around to it.   the barrels on the older dianas are phenomenal compared to what we are offered today.    most new dianas i have broke in begin to act right around 1500-2000 shots.    it's a love-hate relationship until they brake in, but dianas seem to just keep getting better and better as they age.   a good friend of mine bought a model 36 from me that i had put a panther plastic stock onto.   that thing cocks and glides back together as smooth as butter.   i think it was made in 1986.  it shoots very, very well.    - raneman.   10-30-13. ...

.                            .177  webley  raider  10  (walnut)

.     this was a 12ftlb air rifle.   it shot around 780 fps w/ 8 grain pellets, but would get 60 or so shots per fill.   it was an excellent airgun, but i was not attracted to the 12ftlb power restraint, nor the 3000 psi fill requirement.  i have grown much more fond of both ideas and this would now be a keeper.     i think that this one was one of my favorite pcp's.   i liked it much more than the daystate huntsman in the same caliber and power regulation of 12ftlbs.     but that's just my personal experience.   i'm sure you get more gun for the money.   the raider 10 was around $500 and the huntsman more like $1400.    but the value curve seems to diminish after about $750 in most pcp's i experienced.    i have always thought that the standard of measuring the most value per airgun dollar spent would be the diana model 34 ($230) and the crosman custom carbines from their custom shop ($120).     those pretty much set the bar to compare other airguns to for me.        - 10-29-13.  ...     the group is from a full clip of ten .177 crosman premiers on the fourth white papers back from the crude bench rest (apprx 45 yards).     this air rifle was amazing..

.                         .177  diana  34  pro-compact  custom

.      this was one of my favorite dianas.   i had an original model 36 (stamped 1986) and a t-05 version of the pro-compact.    i basically switched stocks and the pro-compact had a vortek kit installed.     it shot 860 fps w/ premiers and was smooth as butter.    the wood stocks look so much better w/ the matte finish of pro-compact versions.   this thing was a gem.    easy to cock and maneuver, very accurate.          - 10-27-13.    ...

.                                       .25  webley  stingray  (uk)

     i failed to see the reasoning behind a medium powered springer shooting .25 caliber.   after shooting this beautiful piece of machinery, i realize how much fun .25 caliber is.   this one shot around 600 fps w/ 20 grain ftt's if i remember correctly.   this gun in .177 would fly right through an empty beer can.   but in .25, it wallops the can back a few feet.  so much energy is transferred from pellet to target that i tried it on a squirrel about 20 yards away - same effect.   the uk webleys were so beautifully crafted and finished.  they continue to gain value each year on the airgun classifieds.    masterpieces. .....

                                            .177  slavia  634

     the slavia 634 is a very nicely czechoslavakian-made air rifle.  mechanically different from the 631, it is a bit beefier.   very easiy to cock and shoot, the 634 has a 20 inch-long barrel.  it has a single stage sear trigger, but it is a great trigger.  shoots around 760 fps w/ 8 grain pellets.   also has the barrel locking device that must be disengaged before cocking - helps to insure that the barrel in the same place each time you shoot it.  .......

                                       .177  webley  xocet

        i found these interesting in that the trigger-pull is adjusted from the scope rail.  a hex screw applies pressure onto the trigger through a spring that runs up into the back scope rail.   these are excellent uk airguns.   this photo shoot was from a group of "transitional webleys" which i uncovered while i was, for the most part, single-handedly keeping the webley airgun name alive here in the us.   when webley first moved production into turkey, they had odds and ends from the uk (birmingham) assembly area.   quality fell sharply once the fully turkish-made webleys began coming into the us market.   now the quality has steady risen again, which is a comfort to myself and other webley fans.   to my knowledge, webley and benjamin are the oldest producers of adult airguns which still market them today.  both began in 1909.   .  here's the carbine version.   usually sold as the webley xocet xs in europe.  had a large silencer or 'pickle' on it, but shipper could not sell them w/ device attached.  ....

                                    .20 caliber webley omega

     this was one of the 'transitional' webleys.  it began as a .177 and shot about 860fps w/ the 8 grain crosman premiers.   it was terribly accurate and easy to shoot, but the barrel got bent and rich in michigan put this 'peg-leg' on it.  i put a spring from a turkish tomahawk into it.  after settling in, it shot a near perfect 777 fps every time w/ 11.4 grain ftt's.   this rig was in the top 5 of my all-time favorites because it was such a joy to shoot.  the last two photos are of this transitional omega w/ stock .177 barrel..

                                          .177  bsa  lightning  xl

.      traded a transitional longbow for this one.  it handles and shoots great.    for medium-duty springer, it is very small and light-weight - compact also.   it is more challenging to dismantle and tune these bsa springers.   i recall getting 860 fps w/ 8 grain premiers here at 750 ft above sea level.   i found that the .22 version was more accurate for me.   the .177 was hold sensitive for the way i usually shoot.  others however, handle the .177 lightnings very well.   these are very well-made.  10-15-13.   .....



                               .177   diana  (rws)  model  40

.   these were not made much to my knowledge.   a variation of the famed model 34 (the most produced and sold fine adult airgun in the world), these are really cool.   no sights, only muzzlebreak.   these were for scopes only - but there are holes drilled into the barrel-block where rear sight would normally be fastened.   performance similar to most model 34's and 36's i have had - about 920 fps w/ 8 grain crosman premiers.   a little muzzle heavy, but they had a nice butt pad and different stock design.    - raneman.   10-15-13......


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