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.                   sheridan  -  the  true  american  sporting  air  rifle

 .      i have been convinced that sheridans are like corvettes.   in the same manner that corvette is the true american sports car, sheridan is the true american sporter of air rifles.    i am unsure of how they decided on .20 caliber (5mm), but it is my favorite caliber.   i used to think that these were just like benjamin air rifles, which began sales in 1909.    after getting and shooting a few, and tuning some, i learned that they were way different - especially on the inside.    now that crosman owns both benjamin and sheridan, they do appear to be the same gun w/ different caliber barrels - but that was not always the case.    sheridan began sales in the 1945-1948 era.    they produced some super grade air rifles  (  pics here -   https://www.google.com/search?q=Sheridan+Super+Grade&client=firefox-a&hs=nmO&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=np&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=EmlkUvPFG-qY2AXawoDABg&ved=0CDoQsAQ&biw=1093&bih=482  ).   there were sheridan super grade, grade a, and grade b - but all were very expensive back then (around $70 each).  they were VERY well made and produced around 700 fps.   they easily bring over $1000us now.....they are very rare.   sheridan also produced the silver and blue streaks, which sold for $19.95 back then.   they had a push-button safety that had to be held down while pulling the trigger.   later, they began the rocker-safety versions.   i once also believed that sheridan produced a .177 blue streak, but found later that sheridan only produced .20 caliber airguns.   in the early 1990's, sheridan was bought by benjamin and i did have a benjamin/sheridan .177 pistol.   another sheridan pumper i had, produced around 1993, had the pull-tab safety, like the more recent models 342, and 347 benji pumpers.    this variant was more powerful.   fatcory produced sheridans should only be pumped 8 times max.   everyone is likely to try 10 pumps, but i found that to be a bad experiment w/ the older 'dans' .   the seals are set to take only so much and they are not forgiving if they are older - trust me.    some offer higher-power tunes on benjis and dans, and they can be pumped much more than 8 times.    also of mention are the sheridan model f co2 rifles, which are kind of rare now days and go for around $300.   i had one of these for a moment and would easily bury the new more waisted cylindrical pellets into new pine boards.    they advertised 500 fps, but it seemed to shoot more like 600 fps.         - raneman.               

   sheridan  silver  streak  w/  bushnell  scope  and  original  sheridan  mount .

.     these were my favorite type of sheridan - the 'rocker-safety' type.    this particular one had the special scope mount and japanese-made busnell scope from the same era.   i believe the original owner claimed he bought the combo around 1970.  this same model air rifle sold in 1983 for $80 at oshman's sporting goods in the mall and we as middle-schoolers really complained about having go to there and pay $6 for a red box of sheridan diabolo pellets (which are very good pellets - even today).    you were very admired if you had one of these when i was a kid.   this one was easy to pump and load even with the scope mounted.   it still shot around 660 fps w/ the current cylindricals.    as kid, i really fell in love with silver-matte finish and beautiful walnut stocks.    the love is still there.    great quality, power, and beauty.    they are loud.  obviously, americans didn't care much about that then.        ..........

.                       sheridan blue streak  (produced around 1993)                         

.     i'm thinking that this was a gun produced after benjamin aquired sheridan.   it was more beefier and more powerful.   it shot 700 fps w/ cylindricals on 8 pumps.   ....

.                     sheridan  blue  streak  (produced around 1958)

.     i got this one from 'chicago bill'.   i was amazing for a gun made in 1958 - it still functioned smooth as butter. these were more slim-lined than the rocker safety types.  it shot 600 fps no matter which pellet i chronographed it with.   there's my ex.   she was hatched in 1958, also.    it was hard for me to get used to holding in the safety while pulling the trigger, but other-wise a superb airgun.           - 10-20-13.      .....

.                                     sheridan  collection

.    i was going to have a 'steroid sheridan'  made from these two rocker-safety blue streaks.   that a great book to read if you get a chance.  that little .177 pistol was sweet.    ...

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