rane air adult air rifles

.... steroid sheridan bluestreak with 2-7x32 scout/pistol scope and weaver mount - also 1/2 x 20 muzzle adaptor and 1" dia x 6" length tko ultra quiet muzzle device.  produces 825 fps with 14.3 grain cylindriacals on 14 pumps , but will completely dump 16 pumps.  dime-sized groups at 40 yards using jsb exact pellets on 8 pumps.  rocker safety.  large hand guard.  $300.

.       new airguns for sale - reduced  . 

..    2000 psi airguns.    i have two older ultra-discoverys one in .22 and the other in .177.   they have both been completety gone through and tuned and both come w/ handpump and extra reseal kit for pump.    i also have a 17" .25 caliber 2400pcpx, and a .20 cal w/ 17" barrel.   the last two mentioned are carbines and handle much like the crosman 2250 rat-katchers from abroad.  a four+ pound carbine scoped and easily tossing out 20+ftlbs.    the .25 cal is the most power-efficient, producing 24 ftlbs w/ the 20 grain FTT/FTS pellets - filled to 2000psi, it gets 12-14 shots between 730-740 fps (580-590 fps w/ 31 grain kodiak/ baracudas).   i'll need to make some video to convey how useful they really are.  and easy to fill..............2000psi......  

.   .25 caliber 2400pcpx carbine -   on a 2000 psi fill, i get 12-14 shots moving from 730-740 fps w/ the 20 grain ftt's at 764 ft above sea-level (24ftlbs).  gun weighs 4-5 lbs scoped.  17" barrel.  .  photos asap - or email me.     this also comes w/ several different .177 and .22 barrels, ldc's and 3-9x40ao sun opt scope.   want to sell all for in hard case for $370.   very easy to pump w/ disco pump.


.177 benjamin discovery - tuned for hunting.   sold to west coast.

.900 fps w/ 10.5 grain crosman/benjamin discovery pellets (which are a hollow-point version of the .177 crosman premier heavy, or ultra-mags).    5 shot groups w/  cometa marlin pellets (re-badged baracudas - 10.6 gr) were inside a dime at 50 yards from bench w/ no wind.   extended bolt probe and custom bolt handle.  extra barrel band.   1" extension rubber but pad (from bsa ultra stock) makes it the perfect, non-slip size.   lightened trigger spring.    this is an old .177 discovery barrel - very accurate, very broken in.   most of the groups w/ air arms 10.5 grainers and the kodiaks were cloverleafers at 50 yards from bench in no wind.   photos and video coming asap.  6.5" tko stage 5 muzzle (super-quiet) break w/ 3 set screw arrangement.   sun otpics 4-16x50 30mm tube side focus w/ micro-mildot.    $400 (neg) w/ scope and everything as shown. ...... as you can tell, one pump is a custom work,   all black, no brand labels, black guage, and old-style airforce screw on bottle-direct adaptor if needed.   on the right side, a regular benjamin hand pump w/ extra o-ring / reseal kit (pump has been entirley gone through and re-lubed and resealed, although pump is barely used - $110.   custom pump w/ reseal kit (also entirely gone through and resealed and re-lubed - $170 (can fill direct to airforce bottles).

.    .22  winchester 850x.    sold.

   i have two of these.   they are like hatsan model 95's on steroids.  $100 each -  shipped in the conus (lower 48 states) each.   one shoots a smoother 770 fps w/ 15.5 grain napier domes.   the other shoots a harder 793 w/ same pellets.   they are in 90% condition overall - no issues w/ metal but have some pressure marks on the walnut stocks.   daisy / winchester only imported .22 caliber 850x's and i believe they were the first of the quattro triggers here in the states.   they shoot well, they shoot hard (near 20 ftlbs), and they are under 7.6 lbs .   photos asap.   

.   pistols.       

...................traded locally....................gone........  .177 diana p5 magnum - brand new in box (shot 50 times)  - $95 shipped conus -   has box and papers.  shoots great.  580 fps w/ crosman premier lights.  crsoaman ssp250 w/ every extra imaginable - $350 shipped conus.   photos and more info soon.   


.        .....gone / sold.......   .177  post-2007 webley tomahawk - fully lube-tuned - $150.   sold out - contact abel at legacy sports for more.

.   these are older pictures i had of one that looks just the tuned one up for sale here now (scope / mount not included).   this particular .177 webley tomahawk is in brand new, in the box, w/ papers condition (other than the 50 or so shots i ran through it after lube-tuning.   i have 3-4 .177 tomahawks and one . 22 tomahawk.    i also have one extra .22 barrel assembly (barrel, barrel-block, and cocking arm) , and one un-tuned .25 caliber quattro patriot (which i can also lube-tune).   all are for now for sale.  these are the last tomahawks that i know of.  we've been asking the u.s. webley representative about any tomahawks - or any newer quattro tomahawks, but no progress there after many inquiries.  i have recieved a newer .177 quattro stingray which i will be writing about this week.    thanx.      - paul. 

.        .22 benjamin discovery - customized and tuned for hunting .

.    ..... photos asap .........   this disco was one of the first - has the nice real walnut stock.  stainless steel extended bolt probe and bolt handle.  super-accurate barrel.  6.5" tko stage 5 muzzlebreak w/ 3 grub screws (super quiet).    i have tuned now to get 25-30 shots all around 845 fps w/ the 13.5 grain jsb's.   it gets all around 785 fps w/ the 16 grain jsb's.    it groups inside of a dime at 50 yards from a bench in no windd.    this gun is wicked accurate w/ the air arms (or czech) pellets, many times clover-leafing at 50 yards.   this is the one airgun i have the longest - and yes, it has probably been the best one, also.   it has a newer leapers 5th generation 3-9x50ao and illum reticles, sling (or gamo-style carry strap), slip-on shotgun-style rubber butt pad .    i used this one to hunt w/ for the last 4 years.  - $450 for the gun and the extras.     i also have a camo camel back, or hydration-type backpack that holds the 62 cubic inches of 3000 psi air.    the little backpack holds survival supplies, emergency supplies, a liter or two of water, and the refill tank.    i got the 62 ci tank from muzzlemack.com.    it was recently resealed my ninja paintball.   it has always been regulated at a 2000 output and i have a special-made microbore hose that makes this a perfect refill rig.    3-5 refills to 2000psi and it's very easy and quick.  $225 for the 2000psi field pack or refill/recharging kit.     i would probably only sell the backpack/pony tank w/ one of my discos or after the 2 field discos i'll get some video up on these asap.            

.177 diana model 36 carbine - factory carbine. coined " 08 90 ". t-05. $120.

..    here's one i had intended to restore cosmetcally.     shoots straight and accurately, it functions, performs and feels great to shoot and handle............ but she's a little hard on my eyes.     the stock is 90+% condition - the metal is almost a patina-look.   not rust.   i have the open sights (hooded w/ dounut circle insert).    right now, it needs a spring guide.    w/ the broken one (make-shift spring guide) it shot smooth 880 fps cphp's from wallyworld.  trigger is good......it just needs to be either camo-painted or restored.    it has great balance and power .    the trigger can lightened aptly and the stock feels great.    i had one (full length barrel).177 model 36  brand new as a kid, so i am partial to 36's, 38's and 40's.    $125 shipped.    drop a kit in it and pest control w/ it....

.      cometas       custom-tuned cometas.22 and .177

..    i have a .177 rws model 93 that has the extra sight inserts.  this is the most accurate airgun i have (and it loves the $3/tin crosman hunting points).     current production model is the cometa model 300 , but i find the older versions which RWS imported to be a much better airgun.   (i find this true w/ the model RWS model 94's, as well.)   this model 93 is very easy to cock.   my mom uses it for the unwanted guests in her martin house.   the gun in 90-95% condition.   no damage or rust or pitting - metal is in great shape and the open sights .  there are some pressure marks in the stock.    it has a 2-7x32ao sun optics micro-mildot airgun scope (same as the airforce airgun scopes).    leapers/utg medium rings.   this combo has been holding zero like this for almost a year, when i got it in a trade for a new turkish webley.    the gun has been soft-tuned by myself.   has new piston seal and new spring .      here at 760 ft above sea-level, the model 93 shoots 800 fps nearly every time (800-807 fps) w/ 8.2 grain rws superpoints.   $200 shipped in the conus for combo.       ....... also up for grabs is my hunter, a .22 rws 94 / sun opt 3-9x40ao combo w/ soft case.   shoots a near constant 780 fps w/ napier hunter domes (20ftlbs from 7.5 lb combo, easy to cock and carry in the field....accurate and holds zero - $270). 

.   crosman ssp250 complete kit w/ extra parts, scope, custom ldc, custom grips      .sold to florida.

..$325 w/ black plastic stock grips ($385 w/ african grips).    custom muzzle decvice by neil clague (ultra-quiet) can still allow for open front sight.  custom-made mount for sun optics 2-7x32 pistol scope.  all 3 barrels (the .20 cal is brass).   extra shroud, extra hooded-front sight, 2 extra loaders and 2 of each caliber rubber loading grommet, extra breech.   this is the one favorite pistol i have.   has 2 power settings (simply pull cocking knob half-back for low power).   640's w/ cphps on high and 450 (gets about 80 shots per 12 gram cart) on low in .177.    .20 cal yields 380 on low w/ cylindricals and 540's w/ 11.4 gr FTT's on high.   .22 yields 480 fps w/ rws hollow points on high.   everything shown sold as a package - hard case and tools pellets - everything.   .$385 for everything................