rane air adult air rifles

.           5mm  webley  valuemax  -  fully  tuned  (.20 cal)    -    $135           . 

.      . .20 caliber webley valuemax with black stock. this gun was brand new and unopened less than a moth ago. i completely dismantled the entire rifle and properly lubed, deburred, honed, and tuned it as i re-assembled it. then i scoped and shot it for about 200 rounds to ensure accuracy and consistency. i have also completely tuned and reworked the trigger packet and trigger is much smoother while still reliable. this one shoots in the 830 fps range with beeman fts pellets (same as h&n ftt pellets) and groups well with them. these rifles also like the jsb exacts, and sometimes even the benjamin cylidricals.... these are medium-size break barrels - little 6 lb powerhouses, producing 17-18 ftlbs of strike force, which is impressive for this 5mm caliber. this air rifle was the cheapest way into .20 cal or 5mm, which is my favorite airgun caliber. webley is no longer producing the 5mm vmx. i go thru , tune, and test each one in order to help others experience 5mm and also to promote this special , high performance pellet-size. they are a much better rifle after some proper craftsmanship, but i do have only test fired rifles if you want to collect or fine-tune it yourself. it is the only .20 cal that webley produced to my knowledge, and they are producing no more. 

.         .177  diana/rws  350  monte carlo stock  with scope and mounts

..  this is in very good condition.  3-9x40ao rws scope with mildots and factory rings.   this is a very solid combo.   .......

.                                    sheridan  silver  streak   $250.    sold.                      .

.  shoots hard.  nice wood grain that matches where the pump and stock merge.          ......

.                        ultra  nice  benjamin  342  combo  -  $300 neg.

..  .  gently used 1983 benji 342 placed into an unused benjamin model 87 stock.  sheridan bluestreak pump arm fitted perfectly into the model 87 pump handle, which implies that benjiman and sheridan were in bed together even in 1987 (when benji model 87 was made).   this one shoots 550 fps on 6 pumps, and 700 fps on 12 pumps.  recently resealed with mac 1 parts.  the centerpoint 4x32 scope and benjiman/sheridan scope mounts are included.  this entire combo is made from nos parts (new, but old backstock items).  it is not a benji model 87 , but rather the poor mans version.   the extended pump arm makes it much easier to pump . .  .  .

.                              1976  sheridan  bluestreak  -  $165 . sold.

.   in 90% overall condition.  no barrel separation.  no rear sight , but i can include the williams peep sight ( only sold with purchase of gun) for $25 extra.   shoots hard - 675 fps with cylindricals.  recently cleaned, resealed, and overhauled.     .

.                             1975  sheridan  bluestreak  -  $175.  sold.

.  in 90% overall condition.  recently overhauled and resealed.  no barrel separation .  has rear sights and hand guard.   photos soon.

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.         there are some other neat items listed on the repair website.                copy and paste this into your browser :       http://raneairrepairs.webs.com   .       i ran out of data limitations on this original site.  sorry for the inconvenience.      ..    ..   ..      http://raneairrepairs.webs.com/apps/photos/     ..    ..         

.                    .177  gamo  hunter  440  combo     $250  - sold                   .

.   930 fps with the chinese beeman hollow points.  it also loves the crosman hunting points (copperheads).  i have fully tuned this one and it has the upgraded trigger.  the centerpoint 3-9x32 has paralax set at 35 yards (mildot with ir) and is new.  this one shoots perfectly.  very easy to cock and shoot, very accurate, and it is in perfect shape.   this is how gamo air rifles were made before year 2000 - all wood and metal.   - raneman .   june 2016........