rane air adult air rifles

.                              .22  caliber  crosman  2400  pcpx

.       this started out as a 2400kt from crosman custom shop.  i use a crosman 2260 tube and benjamin discovery valve and air intake nozzle.   the valve has to be precisely anchored on the sides.  i use a hammer spring from the disco too.   i order custom steel extended bolt probes.    a lot goes into it.   $100 for 2400kt, $80 for parts, and $100 for the installtion and customization.    the result is a 20ftlb, stealthy carbine that weighs about 4lbs scoped.    i take the shoulder stock off and put the rig in my backpack with the pony tank for refills, then get into places unawares to hikers, bicyclists, and park goers.  it's accurate and deadly (and quiet w/ ldc) out to 45 yards or so.    rane air stealth 2400pcpx - the city squirrels' nemesis.        - raneman.     - 11-27-13.   .........