rane air adult air rifles

.                               the  .22  benjamin  rushmore   

.  here's another one that flew under the radar, the benjamin rushmore adult air rifle.  i couldn't find much much data from google search , or the airgun bluebook.   crosman website has only one production year listed - 2015.   i had been noticing this rare benjamin at the local academy sporting goods store here in fort worth (similar to big five or sports authority).   when it went on clearance, i got one...and that set the hook.   i then got a case (3).  now they seem a vapor of existence, which is sadly bringing to remembrance the benjamin katana (a discovery with marauder trigger) - both great air rifles...and rare.   so far, the internals seems much the same as the current benjamin varmit np.   the .177 counter part would be the benjamin prowler (another great bargain).  and from what i can interpret from the parts diagram of the benjamin trail, much the same part numbers - except piston and stock.   the other .22 np rifles seem to average 17 ftlbs, or 725 fps with 14.5 grain rws pellets.   but these benjamin rushmore rifles average 745 fps with same pellet (18 ftlbs) and are lightweight, easy to cock and shoot, accurate, and easy to maneuver.  the over all "shootabilty" seems great.  and they are very quiet.   i have fully tuned one, and left the others stock (mint cond) until i can find out more about this nitro piston variation.   how did they decide to name it this name ?    there is a .177 that is much like the rare rushmore - it's the benjamin regal.   more later.  - apr.6.2016