rane air adult air rifles

.177 puma innova - $85 + shipping - sold out, ...

puma sharp innovas are sold out. only a few blemished innovas remain. they have a crack in the reciever. $50 shipped. i have covered the cracks w/ jb weld and they function as normal. another w/ a bolt that sometime will not go all the way in (should be an easier fix) for $60 shipped. w/ 7 grain rws hobby pellets, this novelty of a gun shoots 840-900 fps w/ 10 pumps. it shoots 875-920 w/ 12 pumps. these lightweight little powerhouses shoot harder than a benjamin 397. adjustable triggers and threaded muzzlebreaks. more on the puma sharp innova from the lands down under here : http://www.outdoorsupplies.co.nz/Airguns3.htm
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