rane air adult air rifles

.22 nightjag combo - $175.

there's been a lot of interest in these .22 cal hatsan guns. the winchester 850x is a similar version of this gun w/ a walnut stock - i haven't seen it anywhere for less than $200. after hearing about the sheer power of these things from mike melik and a compadre in the windy city, i had to get one for myself. i am impressed. i'll have another chrony soon, but until then i do the 'phonebook test'. this new $90 webley jaguar penetrates exactly as many pages of the phonebook as my new $350 .177 cal rws 350. i intend to fill the hollow stock w/ expanding foam insulation, tune the trigger, and replace the stainless steel piston tophat w/ a derlin (hard plastic) one. it will be my night hunting / pest control gun. consistent 758 fps w/ 14.5 gr rws superpoints - that's almost 19 ftlbs. i'm ordering another one now.
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