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        i usually am not interested in pistols unless they supply some power.   600 fps in .177 was generally the rule.   i found that the 700 fps we sometimes see in a product's specifications is hard to attain with short barrels and a weight-conscious design.   then, there some that were too hard to cock w/out a cheater bar.   i did have some fun with them, though.   the little .177 benjamin/sheridan co2 pistol would fit nicely in my tackle box.   as a kid, i managed to fit a crosman 1377 pump pistol in my tackle box.   it could take close-range cottontails.    here's some shared experience with air pistols that shoot pellets.        - raneman.  

                                  beeman  p-1  magnum   (hw45)

       in 1983, i was a 13 yr old kid. i would immerse myself in the airgun catalogs of beeman, BSA, and RWS. there was an article in one of them that was written about fellows taking opossums in their backyards w/ this air pistol and pellet combination. i guess that article had quite an impact on me.   i never thought i'd own one, but my wildest airgun dreams came true a few years ago.   these pellets are prometheus pellets, which had a stainless steel tip which was anchored into a plastic skirt.  they could take the pressures while adding enough cushion to keep the steel off the barrel inside.    great pellet for close range dispatch of pests.   i see them in .22 sometimes, but these were made in england in the 80's.  this pistol really felt like a colt 45.  the top comes off with hinge at the muzzle.   the cocking action is like an alecto pistol, and like the beeman p-3, but the p-1 is not pnuematic.   it is a spring/piston pistol.  it can be cocked at half power, or opened up all the way for full power.   close to 600 fps w/ 7 grain pellet, if i recall correctly.       10-21-13. ..

.                              .177  diana  (rws)  p-5  mag

.      this is a worthwhile little pistol.   they were on clearance for around $100 just like you see here - brand new, in the box.    i know it did not shoot 700 fps w/ 7 grain pellets, but i seem to remember 628 fps.   it takes many shots to break in dianas, and this pistol took twice as long.   as usual, diana set the bar for standard with this pistol.   diana (in my opinion) offers the most value per airgun dollar in the market.   the p5 is easy to handle and shoot, but lacks a scope rail.   umarex service dept will install one for around $75.   the newer pistols have scope rails already.  i really liked these things, but i am partial to diana.    a .177 model 36 was my first adult airgun.    .....

.  crosman ssp 250

.   probably my favorite pistol.  12 gram co2 carts, but tons of fun - and powerful, too.   it has all 3 caliber barrels - .177, .20,and .22.   the .20 cal was brass.   it is a sport silhouette pistol,thus the name ssp.   they are hard to find now but were made into late 80's.   .20 barrel is the hardest part of this set, but most other needed parts are from bryan and associates (they supply many older american airgun parts).    it is the same set up as the crosman 262 air rifle.  the pull knob on back cocks the gun to full or half power.  well over 70 shots from half power around 450 fps with 7 grain pellet and around 40 shots at 640 fps with same pellets.    photos shown of the final, fully customized ssp250 kit.  special silencer made by neil clague...

                                  .177   rws  9n  (cometa  indian)

.      i got this cheap.  it was shooting orange particles out the barrel.   sure enough, a disintegrated piston seal.   took forever to get one from the cometa folks, but well worth the wait.   these are cool pistols.   a bit odd to cock, load, and shoot......kinda like the russian-made pistols.   i tried (and failed) to figure a way to put optics on it.     i'm sure the velocity would have been higher after the piston seal broke in well.             10-20-13.     ........