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.                                  .177    stoeger  xs  20

.  this is a great chinese-made airgun.    i was able to tune one today (special thanks to dick bush here in ft.worth) and found myself pleasured at the way the chinese clones of the gamo 440 or 890 have come along, or evolved nicely.   it has a solid plastic stock much like the solid hammerli or diana plastic stocks and the barrel was nicely rifled and accurate.   the trigger is nice and the edition of dick's gold after-market grt trigger was even better.   super quiet after a lube-tuning and makes for a great 'neighbor-friendly' back yard gun.   i was equally impressed that stoeger uses h&n pellets as their own.  - raneman.   4-12-2014.               ..............       


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Stoeger Suppressor X20 .177 cal. 

I modified the safety part that was hard to push in by using a small file that has a tooth that is not very aggressive to slightly round the top edge of the notch that the safety keeper spring drops into when the gun is cocked.

The notch was too sharply squared at the top causing the spring to resist being pushed up and out of the way to allow the safety to be cleared out of the way of the trigger as easily as it should.

When I reinstalled the safety part I rubbed a small amount of grease containing molybdenum on the part including the spring. 

The safety now is appropriately easy to push in.

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Dick Bush                               .....    

.  .......  the .20 caliber (5mm) webley valuemax.....  got  mine shipped for $170.   i just got it today........averaging 720 fps w/ 13.5 gr jsb's 


.    .177    quattro stingray II   as compared to the older non-quattro stingray II in .177 caliber.     

..    i finally found the time to put these on paper and chrony.    i really like the new quattro stingrays, guys.   i just hope they are in the affordable range.  i have not opened eiether of these two stingrays up yet, but i suspect that the quattro stingray is a bit different inside than the hattie model 95's.  the barrels on the non-quattro turkish-made webley stingray II's and longbows are phenomenal - especially after the trigger has been worked on.   both are .177 caliber.   here are photos using 9.3 grain rws heavy mag wadcutters (or ultra-mag).   5-8 mph cross-wind.   about 90 degrees outside and my altitude is 764 ft above sea-level.   i believe both of these test specimens will break in great.   the older stingray is much easier to cock, and the shot cycle on the quattro stingray is remarkably smooth.   both guns have been shot less than 50 times and are as brand new, right out plastic sealed bags.   i have the target placed between 20 and 25 yards (20 strides for me, but i am 6ft tall).    shooting from a sand bag rest while standing.    these first 6 photos are on new quattro stingray II  .    ..........             these last pics are the original turkish-made stingray II.  i'm not exactly sure when these were produced in turkey.  my guess would be 2008-2009.    if they had used the lothar walther barrels on these newer quattro stingrays, we'd REALLY HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL.   .....

..                .22 sterling hr-81 bolt-action under-lever                               ..


   i was able to finally shoot a sterling bolt action under-lever, thanks to ron bradford, a fellow avid north texas airgunner.   these are everything i had hoped when my interest in these began to peak.   i have heard that they were made in japan.   i then later read another review claiming that these sterlings, imported by the benjamin/sheridan company, were made in england.    the bluing looks much like uk webley bluing.    it's really consistent, shooting 590 fps w/ cphp's.    what is so cool about this air rifle besides the quality is that it is a true bolt action, and yet an underlever.    it's very accurate at 25 yards and has an adjustable trigger.   they made this rifle in .177 and in .20 also.    there is a nicer version, which is called an HR83.     so, enjoy the photos !    if you have ever wanted to see one close-up, here it is.    - paul d self. .      Click to ad,


             .20 caliber  sheridan  bluestreak

       an american classic.  i feel that sheridan is like corvette.   just as covette is the only true american sports car, sheridan is the only true american sporting air rifle.   this version in photos was produced around 1993.   i found these versions to have a bit more power, but i prefer the 'rocker-safety' type blue or silver streaks - the matte silver.    they are loud, and there's not much you can do about it.   i think this one produced 700 fps w/ 14.3 grain pellets with 8 pumps.   sheridans are only supposed to be pumped 8 times - max.   sheridans are always .20 caliber.   i have heard of a .177 sheridan, but i have never found proof.   when were kids in the 80's, we really complained about buying the sheridan diabolo pellets in the red box because we had to go all the way to oshman's sporting good in the mall and pay $6 for 500.   back then, a new silver streak (with the non-reflective matte finish and rocker safety) was $80.   benjamins were $63.  sheridan and benjamin are the same gun with different caliber barrels now.  benjamin, who began in 1909, bought out sheridan, who began in 1948, and more recently, crosman bought them both.   but the pre-1993 sheridans were quite different than benjamin - way different on the inside.    they generally produce around 15 ftlbs.    i think we as americans have a long way to go to catch up with the rest of world in airgun design, but the sheridans have been the best american produced air guns.  not sure how the 5mm, or .20 caliber, originated - but it is my favorite caliber.         - raneman.     10-19-13.                 ...



..               up for review - the new .177 webley raider 10                  ..

.      webley has just shipped a .22 webley tempest pistol, a .177 radier 10, and a .25 patriot quattro, to me for review.   they are planning to bring more new webleys into our country.     i'll begin with the raider 10 this week.   it's getting around 40 shots at 960 fps w/ 8.2 grain RWS superpoints and the trigger is nice.    here's a good peek :        ..    ..    ..    ..     ..   ......... july 29th, 2011.........      review complete -  here is the link to the review posted on the yellow forum :  http://www.network54.com/Forum/79537/message/1312017438/the+new+.177+FAC+webley+raider+10+%28here%27s+some+solid+info%29+-  .   this group is at 50 yards w/ 10.65 grain domed pellets  .  results :      .