rane air adult air rifles

.                             .25  caliber  gamo  socom  extreme                              .

.    easy to hold and wield, this .25 caliber packs quite a wallop for its size.   it is still a magnum, shooting 750 fps with 20 grain ftt pellets.    it is just more compact.    i have owned other variations of this same power plant, such the gamo hurricane 1250,  and gamo hunter extreme, but this version was my favorite.    these particular models originated in scotland or england (bsa?) - not in spain.    the quality of this model gamo far over shadows their other models.   later versions of extremes or hurricanes were labeled 'made in us' or 'made in spain'.   the stock is solid for a plastic one.     this rifle photo'ed here was used by a famous airgun writer while reviewing the product that was sent to him from the manufacturer.    i don't believe gamo offers the socom or hunter extremes anymore, but this socom extreme is probably the easiest .25 mag to hunt with.   not quite as heavy and easy to manuever.    excellent .25 break barrel if you can find one.    - raneman.    - 12-29-13.      ....