rane air adult air rifles

.                            .22  benjamin  np2      janurary  2015



.                                 .22  benjamin  trail  nitro  piston  2     ( american  break  barrrel )

.     this is an unbiased review of the the long awaited np2 system from crosman (who now owns benjamin and sheridan).       ...    until i can load new data and images here, i have posted ongoing reviews on airgun one in the general airgun discussion tab and also on my newest website under development rane air repairs -  here is the address ( just copy and paste it into the address bar atop most browser pages ) :   http://raneairrepairs.webs.com/nitro-piston-2-review-22   .    i hope this helps us as americans come up to speed with the rest of the world

..                              np2  trigger  tune  kit  - $12  from  gifford  on  ebay



.    nitro piston 2   trigger mod


.    np2  follow  up

. i went again today to confirm what happened tuesday.  chrono readings are falling.   i have had the rifle less than one month.   i asked crosman to ship me a replacement gas ram (gas spring) and they said they would.   here is a video clip :