rane air adult air rifles

.                   .20 caliber / 5mm   transitional  webley  omega

.    man-o-man....     this was an awesome webley - even before the .20 cal conversion.    i had originally recieved 5 or 6 of these 'transional' webley omegas.   they were termed 'transitional' because as webley moved production to turkey, they were able to incorporate much of their english-made parts into the new productions until they were situated in turkey.  these omegas were about 80% uk webley tomahawk parts.   classic uk longbow / tomahawk trigger (which i think is the best in the spring / piston airgun industry).    it began as a .177 carbine with open sights, but the buyer let go of the barrel while cocking and it was returned to me with barrel bent upward from the slamming forward.   i sent the gun to 'rich in mich' who installed a 14" .20 cal lothar walther choked barrel onto it with the shroud.   he does great work and for nominal price.   i found that turkish tomahawk springs worked very well in uk tomahawks.   after the new parts settled and barrel was seasoned, it shot a near constant 776 fps with 11.4 grain ftt pellets.   it was dead-nuts accurate and very easy to cock and shoot.   i had anticipated well over 800 fps w/ this barrel and pellets, but i may have enlarged the transfer port a bit too much.  things get very technical when messing with the diameter of that port from power frame to rear of pellet in the breech.   i would like to mention that this and my .22 rws model 94 were the springers i shot most of all i have had.   they are just easy to cock and shoot - light weight and have power and accuracy.      one day in spring, i was target shooting with this omega.  while it cloverleafed at 40 yards, the trajectory would drop before the 50 yard paper target.   cottontail rabbits would crouch and slither through the cleared shooting lane via a trench between the briar patches.  all i could see were the ears.  the trajectory allowed me to 'extract' these garden pests w/ one shot kills at that range in the trench warfare.   cool stuff.         - raneman.   .   - 11-27-13.  ....