rane air adult air rifles

.                      .20 caliber / 5mm  rws  (diana)  model 48  (rare)

.             hard core.   the .20 caliber mystique solved.   930+ fps w/ FTT's .  860+ fps w/ jsb's and precisely accurate.  .6" groups at 60 yards .    the rws/diana model 48 and 52 have proven to be the best platform for .20 caliber in all of my experiences with this beloved caliber.     power, finese, trajectory/range.... what .20 is destined to do.   the one on top was a 1994 .177 model 48 that shot a consistent 1008 fps w/ 8 gr premier hp pellets.  after searching relentlessly for a .20 diana 48 on the classifieds, i ended up trading 2 webley jaguars for this beater.   i quickly sent it to rich in mich for a .20 barrel installation.   he tried to talk me into a 12" barrel, but i demanded a 17" - just as a factory one would have.    rich does great work and even threw in a diana rastatt muzzlebreak.    he used a chocked lothar walther match barrel.   i had to install new factory oem spring and breech seal.   that brought power up to 890 fps w/ ftt's.    i used an experimental piston seal from vortek and after the new parts settled in, it was shooting 930-940 fps w/ the 11.4 grain [email protected] ftt's.   i found it was more accurate w/ the 13.7 grain jsb's, which shot 870 fps from muzzle.      about a year later, i traded a webley patriot quattro for the factory made .20 model 48 on the bottom of pics.   it shot 900 fps w/ 11.4 grainers.    the stock on the 48 was an inch or two shorter than the model 52 stock and custom strap i got for tuning another person's .22 model 48 chopped to 10" barrel.    i found the longer stock much better - i am a bigger shooter w/ longer reach.      if you ever see one of these - even if it's $500-600, get it.    it's the best.20 caliber springer for longer ranges.  it was leaving half inch groups at 60 yards with the jsb's from a bench rest.  and the little metal silohette targets that come with pellet traps - it breaks them at the 60-70 yards.  the custom build was shooting 24 ftlbs and that tore the welds on those little orange guys to pieces.   i want mine back !  .         .   - raneman.   - 11-27-13.      Amen......