rane air adult air rifles

.                20  caliber / 5mm  beeman  rx1  (weihrauch  model 90)   

.       .     excellent quality.  excellent power.   but very heavy - 10-11 lbs.   it's an older model, so i attributed the lesser than expected velocity to worn parts.  the hole in the back of the tube allows for a hand-held pump which one can fasten to add pressure into the gas ram.   it was chronographing 800 fps w/ 12.8 grain crow magnums.  strangely enough, this gun loved those huge hollow points.  it would cloverleaf at 50 yards from bench rest w/ crowmags.  it liked the crosman premiers too, but shot much slower w/ those.   these are great airguns, but you'd need to be arnold swartzenegger to hunt with it in the field.   i took a photo of the theoben engraving on the breech block.   theoben gas rams are the best i have used.     - raneman.      - 11-20-13.  .....