rane air adult air rifles

.                                  .177  rws  (diana)  model 36

.   excellent air rifle.   i had one of these as my first adult airgun in 1985.  these things just keep getting better with age.  the barrel is awesome (12 groove rifling - super accurate.  cloverleaf from bench at 45 yards on non-windy days.    the cocking and loading process is smooth as butter.   the quality of steel and bluing was much better back then as compared to newer diana 34's.   after putting all new factory parts into it, it shot a 925 fps average with 8 grain crosman premier hollowpoints (its favorite pellet) after settling in from tune.   the hollow plastic was filled with some silicone, which really balanced it out and absorbed recoil.   the .177 diana 36 is my favorite dianawerk airgun.    some of the dianas get barrel droop as they age,but it easily remedied with droop compensating scope rail addition as shown in photos.   .   awesome airgun.       - raneman.      -  11-27-13....