rane air adult air rifles

sheridan collection - $400 -sold pf

listing my sheridans. since sheridan (the only true american sporting air rifle) is like the corvette (the only true american sportscar), i had to have one....or two....or......... and i just never found the time to do what i wanted w/ the bluestreaks..... and the .177 EB9 is just cool (great compact little tacklebox turtle/snake popper). everything is in perfect working order. i have tried to show cosmetics w/ many photos. the book is good shape. the pistol has a power adjuster and better rear sights. the rifles come w/ everything shown. mount and a sun optics 4x32 long-eye relief 'scout scope'. numbers on the pistol are : 099701218. the numbers on the rifles are 7691E and 8691D (located on the side of the loading area). . i'll ship everything in a hard case made for 2 scoped rifles to most places in the lower 48 states for $430 . other arrangements can be made for shipping elsewhere. email me for more details. - paul.
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