may 24, 2017.   i have had some other areas in my life that needed my full attention (health and family stuff) , but i will be taking on new work again as of today.   i have several voicemails to go thru and callback (50) .  if you left voicemail, i'll be retruning those this week also.   thanks for your patience and support.  - raneman .

.    heavy  duty  airgun  spring  compressors  -  commercial  grade  -  $220

.   these are the tried and true older design .    very safe, lightweight, and compact.   ultra adjustable for most any spring piston or gas ram / gas spring rifle or pistol.   the $160 price includes fed ex ground insured shipping to most areas within the lower 48 states of america.          raneman.    6-23-2016.           ...  .      just email me.                                                                                           .. .   .  .   .

.                            custom  spring  compressors              .                             

.   jed made this one for me - it's a prototype, but it works VERY well.   he can make yours to fit all of your airgun needs and dimensions.     works for all springers - break-barrels, side levers, underlevers,  and spring pistols. price usually runs from $320 ,  depending on how nice you'd like it to look, and the different accessories and add-ons that you'd like with it.   here's some photos of mine.   if you are interested, contact me and i'll place you in touch with jed ........ email me and i'll hook it up for you.   these are photos of one made around nov, 2010 (sent to chris p at c.a.p. research).    i've added some pics of a compressor he completed this week and you can see how the design has progressed .              ..                                                                                                                                                                                                        .

.                        this one jed made for mark e. in march 2011 .                  .   .



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